Africa Film & Television Talent Training Institute.

Africa Film & Television Talent Training Institute

Africa Film & Television Talent Training Institute is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Africa Film & Television Talent Training Institute

Africa Film and Television Talent Training Institute (AFTTTI) is a private TVET institution dedicated to offering curriculum-driven, comprehensive, and practical-oriented marketing and media entertainment-related training programs. AFTTTI is accredited to the internationally recognized ICM (UK) examination body as an ICM approved centre. We offer courses at certificate and diploma levels.

On one end, our tactical training affords our students an opportunity to not only improve their film making and Acting skills but also presents them with unique opportunities for exposing themselves on both the behind and in front of the camera experiences as film directors so as to be able to direct themselves even as actors.

On the other end, to meet the evolving needs for effective and integrated content marketing for organizations , Afttti also offers marketing programs that are designed to equip our learners with relevant and professional sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations skills.

Our Mission: To close the gap between the current quality of marketing, production and acting skills and the desired quality of skills towards producing consistently engaging marketing content and creating more original, creative and authentic visual stories for diverse audiences

Our Vision: To become a premier training brand in the marketing and broadcast media entertainment spaces.

Our Aim: To play a pivotal role in the way training in marketing and content creation is done towards achieving the desired marketing objectives and content quality by offering training programs that meet and exceed the needs and preferences of our students.

Why study at Africa Film & Television Talent Training Institute

Africa Film and Television Talent Training Institute (AFTTTI) aims to nurture students' creativity alongside their communication, technical and technological skills to enable them to produce effective and engaging marketing content and to tell creative stories while developing their own niche around Marketing and Broadcast media entertainment spaces.

Our courses are designed in such a way as to enlighten, engage, influence, and impact the students' capacity to find their creative spark and discover their potential in film, television, theatre, radio, animation, and photography talent and their linkage to marketing content creation.

Africa Film and Television Talent Training Institute is purposely built to provide you with functional knowledge and essential practical skills in real-life marketing and production setups so as to equip you with a solid understanding of the changing marketing dynamics and the various stages in the complex and multifaceted production processes used in Film, Television and Radio production for creative visual storytelling.

Our focus is on keeping learners and industry in mind by introducing a much-needed and valued training dimension to deliver on our product differential.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.