Africa Theological Seminary (ATS).

Africa Theological Seminary

Africa Theological Seminary is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Africa Theological Seminary

Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) is a non-denominational, post-secondary institution of higher learning whose founders and staff are passionately and faithfully committed to training, equipping, and empowering Christian Leaders already involved in Ministry.

ATS trains leaders "in ministry" and not "for Ministry". It is for this reason that all ATS study programs are designed on an in-service model around Block Courses to allow our students to continue serving in their primary ministries as they pursue further studies.

The Seminary’s driving Motto that shapes all its activities and programs is: Train the Heart (for Values), Instruct the Mind (for Knowledge), Empower the Hands (for Skills).

Why study at Africa Theological Seminary

Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) courses are designed to ensure that they are culturally relevant and address the needs of the church. The seminary operates in a semi-residential in-service model. It focuses mainly on persons who are already actively involved in ministry but lack formal theological training. ATS has developed an effective curriculum to train the leaders who have demonstrated a calling and involvement in ministry. The curriculum combines active involvement in ministry with theological and counseling training. ATS programs are designed to equip pastors, counselors, and Christian workers for greater effective ministry in churches, and para-church organizations.

Vision: Empowered Christian Leaders Transforming Africa and the World.

Mission: Africa Theological Seminary exist to serve the church by providing quality, relevant, in-service theological education for the discipling and equipping of its leaders.

Our History

In 1986 Dr. Phillip Walker (PhD in Education), his wife Deborah and Dr. Myron Goodwin (PhD in Education), his wife Carol, and their families came to Kenya to start International Christian Ministries (ICM). ICM is the parent organization of Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) and a registered NGO. Initially, ICM provided teaching seminars at the secondary level as well as missions training courses for a number of expatriates. By 1988, the focus of ICM's activity was narrowed to providing theological training for pastors and church leaders, particularly from the indigenous churches who had no schools of their own. The Church-Based Bible Program (CBBS) was organized to provide training and materials for pastors and Christian leaders for the equipping of the Church. Central to the CBBS Program were Tutor Training Conferences to train pastors to use teaching materials in conducting their own equipping classes in their churches. In 1990, ICM became the first East Africa representative for Walk-Thru-the Bible and consequently started training seminar instructors and offering Old and New Testament Seminars to churches and schools, as well as courses in teaching and leadership development.

In 1991 local pastors asked for formal training so, in 1993, ICM started a degree program by facilitating the Global University BA in Bible and Theology (then called ICI University) from the US. The name Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) was given to the semi-residential programs located in the Training Centre in Kitale in 2008. In 1996, ATS held its first graduation for pastors in the Degree Program.

ATS is the semi-residential level formal training partnering with International Christian Ministries, Kenya. In 1993 the degree class started in a rented facility until 1998 when ATS acquired a twenty-acre land with better facilities in section six estate, Kitale Town. Presently, ATS conducts theological education and Counseling Psychology programs at secondary and post-secondary levels. ATS is registered as a post-secondary institution of learning by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority(TVETA). Most ATS study programs have been accredited by the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA).

Programs offered at Africa Theological Seminary

1 year
2 years
Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.