Capacity and Training Institute.

Capacity and Training Institute

Capacity and Training Institute is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Capacity and Training Institute

Capacity training Institute (CTI) is a facility built to provide community education and skills training using the Apprenticeship Model In communities that have experienced poverty and underdevelopment. The concept of CTI is to upgrade the profile of skills to competence levels where various general courses have been provided previously.

CTI is open for collaboration with institutions that are willing and able to contribute to the development of technical skills of a lofty standard to the local community, and to other communities where such skills are needed.

CTI is located in Amalemba, Kakamega, and several other sites in Western Kenya.

The vision of CTI is to bring ARTISAN AND AGRICULTURAL SKILLS to the community grassroots and to encourage more people to access industrial education, technical knowledge and professional skills that will propel them to the level of the Kenyan and global societies.

CTI will provide a broad range of skills training of universal standards to a wide range of people.

At the community level CTI will establish apprentice and extension centers in the form of training and production farms and workshops based in the community.

CTI will be equipped with the following resources:

Appropriate physical facilities in the form of building, lecture rooms laboratories, workshops stores, recreation rooms and library.

There will be well trained and qualified faculty to formulate, implement and evaluate the wide range of polytechnic and artisan curricula.

Why study at Capacity and Training Institute

Capacity training Institute (CTI) will be a local knowledge industry Hub with links to the National and global knowledge industry engaged in need assessment Surveys, Technological Research, and Information Dissemination. The information base will be based on the frames of the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, Kenya Economic Reports, Credit plans of the Banks, and studies conducted by other government players. CTI will routinely conduct the Need Assessment surveys of the area on technology and the interfacing ecological, social, economic, and scientific matters for the purpose of guiding the efficient introduction and application of technology for development.

Programs offered at Capacity and Training Institute

Artisan Certificate
1 year 3 months
1 year
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