Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing.

Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing

Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing

The Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing is an initiative of the Matibabu Foundation in partnership with local and international health stakeholders to promote quality healthcare in Kenya and in the international arena.

Located in western Kenya near the shores of Lake Victoria, the Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing offers a favorable environment that promotes the right attitude for nursing education. Dr. van Dam has assisted with the learning materials, lab mannequins, curriculum, approval with the Kenyan BRN and has a group of graduate students writing grants for future development for online teaching resources. She recognized that having a School of Nursing filled with compassionate and enthusiastic students will assist to improve the quality of health for the regional people and she is delighted that the school of nursing, among other projects, have come to fruition.

Mission: To provide high quality and innovative education to foster scientific inquiry and professional service.
Vision: To be a valued leading provider of excellence in medical training and research.

Why study at Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing

Matibabu Foundation College of Health Sciences is a leading Nursing Training College that is duly Registered and Approved by the Nursing of Kenya (NCK) it’s a private technical training institution registered by Ministry of Education, and also Registered and Licensed by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET).

Our History

The Matibabu Foundation was founded by Dan Ogola and Dr. Gail Wagner. It was registered in Kenya as a health NGO in 2006 and has since then partnered with the Kaiser Permanente Group (USA); Columbia University through the International Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Program (ICAP); San Francisco State University (USA); International Organization for Migration (IOM); Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Belgium; Ugenya, Eastleigh, and Samburu communities.

The School of Nursing derives its name from Prof. Mary Ann van Dam, RN, PhD, PNP, Director of the School of Nursing at San Francisco State University (USA). She is an exemplary woman who has made an immense personal contribution to the welfare and health of the Kenyan people. She is committed to establishing a model training institution that is not only sensitive to the healthcare needs of the community and training needs of healthcare professionals, but also one that will drive innovation and improvements in healthcare worldwide through the education of compassionate nurses, esteemed educators and researchers, entrepreneurial leaders, and in?uential policy experts.

Programs offered at Mary Ann Van Dam School of Nursing

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