North Coast Medical Training College.

North Coast Medical Training College

North Coast Medical Training College is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

North Coast Medical Training College

North Coast Medical Training College is part of Community Health Promotion Kenya and is approved by the Clinical Officers Council, Nursing Council of Kenya and Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute.
North Coast Medical Training College started training medical and medical-related courses in the year 2012. After establishing the department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery in 2012, two more departments, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics, were established in 2013. In 2016, Community Health was added. The college is offering basic (post-secondary school) diploma courses and certificate courses. In 2017, the college introduced two post-basic certificate courses. The health profession education course is accessible for all health workers holding at least a diploma and who are involved in teaching or guiding/mentoring healthcare students. The quality dialysis care course is available to nurses and clinical officers who hold at least a diploma.
North Coast MTC is housed at its main campus in Kikambala, Bomani.
The theoretical training takes place at the college main campus. The College is located in Mtwapa, Kikambala, Bomani approximately 16 km north of Mombasa town. North Coast MTC is a friendly institution located in a conducive setting with spacious classrooms, library and computer laboratory. It also has a basic laboratory and a skills lab for acquisition of practical skills before going to the clinical area. The college is easily accessible by public transport and located in a leafy environment.
The training in all courses of North Coast Medical Training College are based on appropriate and innovative curriculum aimed at training highly competent and responsive health workers with well-developed professional and social skills necessary to solve the unique problems of local communities in developing countries.

Why study at North Coast Medical Training College

North Coast Medical Training College is a learning institution that seeks to offer high-quality education for students that want to join the health profession. North Coast Medical Training College has outstanding training programs that support the best practices to ensure that learners can deliver the best health services to those in need. Although the courses offered are related to the medical fields, NCMTC also equips learners with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that can impact the communities they will serve after their graduation.

Programs offered at North Coast Medical Training College

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