St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias.

St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias

St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias is a Private College accredited by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias

St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias is a middle-level college accredited by TVETA, Clinical Officers Council, and ABMA.

We have well-established and qualified lecturers who are committed to the professional excellence of all our students.

We have modern playing grounds to ensure we embrace the realization of our students’ talents

We issue uniforms to our students upon reporting

We have invested in technology to ensure smooth operations when serving our students. For E.g. solving fees payment issues and receipting is made faster

We have exceptionally invested in excellent learning facilities such as modern science laboratories, well-equipped libraries, workshops, and spacious classes to ensure all our students enjoy a comfortable learning environment while at college.

We provide Wi-Fi to all our students both at learning premises and hostels to boost their learning through extensive research after classes

We have signed MOUs with hospitals and other medical institutions to ensure timely medical practice for our students

We have modern, classic, well-equipped, and affordable hostels within the college for our students.


Our board of directors, partners, staff, students, and other close stakeholders either at or off duty are guided by the following values.

  • Gender Equity: We shall inculcate and support gender values in our activities and services.
  • Discipline: we shall uphold and create harmony in our operation by keeping the rules and regulations.
  • Integrity: we shall uphold high moral values in the provision of services.
  • Honesty: we shall be fair and transparent in all our operations.
  • Efficiency: we shall conduct our functions efficiently to maximize the utilization of scarce resources.
  • Professionalism: Skilled human resources will be harnessed for effective service delivery
  • Meritocracy: Merit shall always be applied in our recruitment, training, and all our programs.
  • Motto: "Ut omnes omnibus serviant" meaning (service to humanity).

Vision: To continue with the healing mission started by Jesus Christ

Why study at St. Mary’s School of Clinical Medicine Mumias

St Mary's School of Clinical Medicine Mumias seeks to enroll and graduate applicants who will develop and grow educationally and personally and will contribute to the College community, and the broader society.

Programs offered at St Marys School of Clinical Medicine Mumias

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.