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Bridge College

Bridge College is a Private College located in Starehe Constituency, Nairobi County .

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Bridge College is a fully-fledged institution in the heart of East Africa’s economic hub, with a history of advocating for intellectual curiosity, freedom and excellence since 1992.

We are a community of intellects from all backgrounds and walks of life, connecting over great ideas and the search for life’s solutions. We observe, create, innovate, build and package opportunities that transcend language and geographical barriers, spreading our impact to all corners of the world. That’s what makes us a center of academic excellence, a bridge from knowledge to opportunities.

Mission: To provide high quality, professional and relevant training to empower our graduates in the provision of excellent service to society.

Vision: To be a leading provider of high-quality, professional education.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Respect

No matter how far your goals and dreams take you in life, you have to start your journey somewhere. Take that first step in the right direction at Bridge College.

Bridge College is located at Princely House, 3rd floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.

Programs offered at Bridge College

KNEC Artisan Certificate 2 years
Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation KNEC at Bridge College

This Artisan Certificate course in electrical installation is ideally suited for students who are looking to learn the basics of electrical installation and who want to develop the... more

KNEC Artisan Certificate 2 years
Artisan Certificate in Plumbing at Bridge College

In the realm of construction and infrastructure, plumbing stands as a vital component, ensuring the efficient distribution of water and the safe disposal of waste. The Artisan Certificate... more

KNEC Artisan Certificate 2 years
Artisan Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning KNEC at Bridge College

In today's world, refrigeration and air conditioning systems are essential for maintaining comfort, preserving perishable goods, and sustaining various industries. The Artisan Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning... more

KNEC Certificate 1 1/2 years
Certificate in Accountancy at Bridge College

In the ever-evolving landscape of the financial world, qualifications play a pivotal role in shaping careers and opening doors to new opportunities. One such qualification that holds significance... more

KNEC Certificate 2 years
Certificate in Business Management at Bridge College

In the dynamic world of business, effective management lies at the heart of success. From coordinating daily activities to envisioning future growth, skilled managers play a pivotal role... more

CDACC Certificate 6 months
KNEC Certificate 2 years
Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Technology (Power) at Bridge College

This Electrical and Electronic Technology (Power) certificate programme equips graduates with both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.It is a two semester... more

CDACC Certificate 6 months