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Comtech College

Comtech College is a Private College located in Starehe Constituency, Nairobi County .

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Comtech college is a growing technological and business powerhouse committed to life-enhancing discovery, innovative instruction, and caring community engagement. An educational leader in the heart of the thriving Gachie region, Comtech college nurtures minds within an environment that values excellence, ingenuity, and diversity. Guided by experienced lecturers, Comtech college is dedicated to producing the lifelong learners and critical thinkers our nation demands. With the growing number of students, Comtech College has become a first-choice college for students seeking a vibrant college experience. In addition to receiving a first-rate education, our students participate in a robust slate of co-curricular activities that prepare them to become the next generation of leaders

Vision: To become a role model institution committed to professional training and knowledge creation

Mission: To provide a link to a brighter world to our customers by delivering quality education of international standard and recognition through the modern and conducive learning environment

Programs offered at Comtech College

CDACC Certificate 6 months
Certificate in Computer Programming at Comtech College

The Computer software development course is a 6-month intensive programming course. The students will learn various aspects of programming and put them to practical applications. The following programming... more

KNEC Certificate 2 years
Certificate in Information and Communcation Technology at Comtech College

In today's digital age, proficiency in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is essential for success in various industries. The Information and Communication Technology Certificate programme is designed to... more

CDACC Certificate 6 months
Certificate in IT Support Technology at Comtech College

The Certificate in IT support Technology course is designed to give the student hands on readily applicable knowledge in field of information Technology.The students will learn hardware repair... more

KASNEB Professional Certificate 3 years
Professional Certificate in Certified Public Accountants (CPA) at Comtech College

In the realm of finance and accounting, proficiency, credibility, and expertise are highly valued attributes. To meet the demands of a competitive industry and ensure the competency of... more

KASNEB Diploma 1 1/2 years
Diploma in Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) at Comtech College

In the dynamic landscape of finance and accounting, the role of accounting technicians is indispensable. These professionals serve as the backbone of organizations, providing essential financial support and... more

KNEC Diploma 3 years
Diploma in Information and Communication Technology at Comtech College

Diploma in Information Communication Technology qualification equips candidates with skills and competencies to work in the dynamic ICT industry as technicians in systems development, systems programming, administration and... more

CSK Diploma 1 year
Diploma in Information Technology at Comtech College

The Diploma in Information Technology program stands as a foundational pathway for individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the vast and dynamic world of IT. In this comprehensive... more