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Crop Nutrition Training Centre

Crop Nutrition Training Centre is a Private College located in Limuru Constituency, Kiambu County .

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Cropnuts was established in 1998 and started out as a small analytical laboratory in Kenya. In the last 20 years we have grown to become Africa’s leading laboratory for agricultural and environmental testing, providing a wide range of analytical services to farmers, businesses and smallholders.

These include laboratory tests for soil, water, crops, hydroponic systems, animal feeds and fertiliser quality, as well as food safety assessments and industrial effluent waste monitoring.

We are passionate about the long-term profitability and sustainability of farming across Africa, and we understand that these laboratory results are only useful if they help you to farm better. For this reason, we invest heavily in developing independent advisory services and work hard to tailor these services to suit large and small-scale farms across Africa.

We are also proud of our links to academia, and work with partners such as IITA and ICRAF to actively promote a healthy, integrated approach to soil fertility and crop management.

At Cropnuts, we are committed to using the latest scientific knowledge and technology to deliver valuable services for African farmers and improve the markets they operate in.

Mission: We combine talent and technology to deliver quality laboratory testing and advisory services to all customer segments within the agricultural, environmental and food safety sectors.

Vision: To transform the agricultural production and food safety sectors in Africa.

Programs offered at Crop Nutrition Training Centre

CDACC Certificate
Certificate in Agricultural Extension and Community Development at Crop Nutrition Training Centre

In the agricultural landscape of Kenya, the Certificate in Agricultural Extension and Community Development program stands as a beacon of hope, fostering sustainable development, empowering rural communities, and... more