Chemical Engineering Diploma at Thika Technical Training Institute.

Thika Technical Training Institute
3 years

This Chemical Engineering course offered at Thika Technical Training Institute is a 3 years Diploma program accredited by KNEC.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is all about changing raw materials into useful products such as clothes, food  and drink as well as energy.
This Chemical Engineering Diploma program teaches the students about chemicals and raw materials and ways of creating new materials out of existing chemicals.

The course involves teaching about physical sciences, chemical sciences, applied chemistry, thermodynamics, chemical technology, heat transfer applied mathematics and economic calculations.

Chemical engineering students learn about processes and products, they are taught how to develop and design processes to create products, this is done by either focusing on improving existing processes or creating new ones. The chemical engineering students also learn how to:

  • manage the resources available to them,
  • protect the environment and
  • ensure the health and safety of the end users of their products.

After finishing the course, the students can enter into production, research laboratories, analysts, petroleum refineries etc.

Students who get a diploma in chemical engineering can also enroll into the second year of the respective engineering branch after writing an entrance exam for the same.

Chemical engineers work in many industries, including not only the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries (two areas where they are often employed) but also numerous other industries which involve building and selling tangible objects, such as beverages, clothing, fertilizers, paper, toys and shoes. They can also work at water desalinization and sanitation facilities, and they can be employed by recycling plants. Over 50% of global gross domestic product is enabled by chemical engineers.

There is a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, and information technology, that capitalize on chemical engineers. These engineers typically work on the improvement of existing processes and the production of new material modification methods. Other industries and professions, including quality assurance, manufacturing, and consulting.

Chemical Engineering Entry Requirements

  • KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) or
  • Pass in relevant Craft Course or
  • Equivalent qualification approved by KNEC.
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