Mechanical Engineering Production Diploma at Kisii National Polytechnic.

Kisii National Polytechnic
3 years

This Mechanical Engineering (Production) course offered at Kisii National Polytechnic is a 3 years Diploma program accredited by KNEC.

Mechanical Engineering (Production)

Production engineering is the science of creating safe and efficient processes for transforming raw materials into finished items. Production engineers work in a variety of fields and hold different titles, such as industrial engineer, production manager and production engineering assistant.

This Mechanical Engineering (Production) program is a 3 year KNEC course that aims to impact learners with technical hands-on knowledge in mechanical engineering with more emphasis on production engineering.

Mechanical production engineers are professionals trained in designing and manufacturing of industrial products as well as maintaining the plant and machine components.

The production engineering component emphasizes on operations and process management and industrial organization.

This course of Mechanical Production Engineering involves creating new designs, analyzing the quality of products, planning a product along with its management, i.e. deals with the sales of the product.

The main focus of the Mechanical Production Engineering course is to meet the requirements of the people and design the product accordingly. Mechanical Production Engineers work in all those industries that involve manufacturing activities. They are accountable for monitoring the product in the industry.

Career opportunities in diploma in mechanical engineering production is being employed as a mechanical engineer in a production.

Careers in Mechanical Production Engineering

Mechanical Production Engineering is emerging as a new domain of Mechanical Engineering that does not just deal with technical methods but also ensures management as well as quality testing of products.

Job opportunities are available in manufacturing organizations engaged in implementation, development and management of new production Process, information and control systems and computer-controlled inspection, assembly and handling.

Both public and private sectors require mechanical production engineers who can understand the products that are widely in demand. Moreover, the management practices of any product also play an important role for sales purposes. So, the future prospects of Mechanical production Engineering are quite positive in every part of the world.

Other job type are

  • Production Support Engineer
  • Shift In-charge
  • Production Engineering Architect
  • Foundry Production Engineer and Manager
  • Executive
  • Production Engineer
  • Asst. Production Engineer
  • Production/Quality Engineer
  • Lecturer

Mechanical Engineering (Production) Entry Requirements

  • KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) or
  • Pass in relevant Craft Course or
  • Equivalent qualification approved by KNEC.
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