Teacher Education Diploma at Lugari Teachers Training College.

Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College
3 years

This Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (DSTE) course offered at Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College is a 3 years Diploma program accredited by KNEC.

Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (DSTE)

The Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (DSTE) aims to equip the secondary teacher with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes critical to the teaching profession.

This DSTE program has two main streams -  Humanities and Sciences. The DSTE students will go into the Humanities or Sciences stream depending on their subject specialization. Students will complete courses in educational foundations (core courses), teaching subjects, and practicums.

Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (DSTE) is a three year program, which at the end of the course students should achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop the theoretical and practical knowledge about the teaching profession
  • To promote national unity, national development , social equality and responsibility
  • To develop teacher awareness, competencies and appreciation of technology in national development.
  • To prepare a teacher who can
  • Provide sustainable learning opportunities
  • Develop learner communicative skills
  • Develop learners ability to crirically think and imaginative thinking in problem solving and self expression.
  • Develop the individual learners potential abilities to the maximum through a variety of creative learning experiences.
  • To develop in the teacher the ability to adopt , change ad appreciate innovation

Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education (DSTE) Entry Requirements

  • KCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus);
  • In addition the trainee must have a grade of C+ (Plus) in the two teaching subjects and a C (Plain) in English;
  • Candidates pursuing science courses should have at least C (Plain) in Mathematics while those pursuing humanities and languages should have at least D+ (Plus) in Mathematics.
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