Spinning Machine Operator.

6 months
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This Spinning Machine Operator course is a Certificate level program accredited by NITA.

Spinning Machine Operator

Spinning machine operators produce yarns, twists, and other fibers by tending to spin, twisting, winding, and reeling machines. They handle raw materials, prepare them for spinning processes, and use machinery for the purpose. They also perform routine maintenance of the machinery.

This Spinning Machine Operator course is designed for trainees who want to join textile spinning mills as spinning machine operators. In this Spinning Machine Operator course, the students will get the operating skills and knowledge of spinning machines.

The purpose of this course is to enhance the skill level of the spinning machine operator to confirm the highest quality modern machines with the aim to produce a skilled labor force for spinning mills.

The students will be given adequate training in all departments of a spinning mill like blow room, carding, drawing, simplex, ring & winding.

The Spinning Machine Operator course graduates will be quite capable of carrying out their tasks under supervision along with ethical values.

On successful completion of this course, the Spinning Machine Operator graduate should be able to:-

  • Clean the Blowing room machines, carding machines, Drawing frame machines, Lap forming/ Combing Machines, Simplex machines, and Ring & Winding Machines at the start and end of the shift.
  • Start, Operate and stop the Blowing room machines, carding machines, drawing frame machines, Lap forming/ Combing Machines, Simplex machines, Ring & Winding Machines with or without material.
  • Apply the safety measures in all spinning mills departments.
  • Control the production of all the machines.
  • Check the condition of the material before and after operating every machine in each department of the spinning mill.
  • Check the condition of machine wastes in different departments of the spinning mill.
  • Able to handle the minor problems of the machines on his own and to report the major problems to the maintenance staff.
  • Communicate any fault occurring in the Operation of Machines to a relevant mechanic, whenever a problem occurs.

Spinning Machine Operator Entry Requirements

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