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Construction Plant Technology

Construction Plant Technology

This Construction Plant Technology course is a Certificate program accredited by KNEC.

  • Certificate
  • 2 years
  • Mechanical Engineering

This Construction Plant Technology course equips students with knowledge in heavy machinery and mechanical failures associated with this heavy machinery. You will have the broad range of skills and knowledge to work effectively in the industry, including diagnosing and repairing drive-lines, drive assemblies, engines, suspension, brakes, hydraulic, pneumatic systems, steering, wiring and circuits, controlling systems, and workplace safety and health.

This Construction Plant Technology program gives extensive coverage in the various fields of plant engineering, and all the theory covered is tied to a practical outcome. Subjects covered include plant engineering, instrumentation, and control engineering, electrical equipment and technology, environmental engineering, safety management, and professional engineering practice.

Construction Plant Technology graduates will have the knowledge and skills to contribute to the capacity of the plant engineering, facilities management, and related industries to maintain their competitiveness in a global market place through the application of latest technologies, value-adding to existing products, process and services and the development of new, sustainable and innovative solutions.

This course will teach you how to implement and utilize engineering solutions to a diverse field in any organization, as well as integrate and solve interdisciplinary engineering systems. You will also learn to analyse, diagnose, plan, design, and execute solutions concerning plant engineering, facilities management, maintenance management, safety management, environmental, and energy management.

The program will also cover how to prepare complex technical information and concepts to plan, communicate and implement solutions to a range of engineering environment and contexts.

Career Prospects

  • Sales,
  • Service and repair technician of road construction and excavation equipment
  • Plant & mechanical engineer: Plant & mechanical engineers inspect, design, install, or repair machinery and equipment to ensure it is well maintained, working safely and running smoothly.
  • Plant mechanic: Plant mechanics repair and maintain heavy construction machinery – regularly inspecting dumpers, cranes and more to ensure they are safe to use, often using specialist equipment.
  • Plant operator: Plant operators use heavy machinery to dig, lift and move heavy machinery on building sites. Typically, a plant operator will specialise in one piece of equipment, such as an excavator or giant crane.
  • Plant manager: Plant managers ultimately have responsibility for all heavy machinery on a construction site. They create reports and document all operations on site to keep it running smoothly.
  • Plant inspector: Plant inspectors are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the accounting and financial activities relating to a factory plant often using data to assess the overall performance of the plant.

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