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Electronics Mechanic

Electronics Mechanic

This Electronics Mechanic course is a Certificate program accredited by NITA.

  • Certificate
  • 9 terms
  • Mechatronics

Electronic Mechanic is a vocational training course that deals with the training and learning of electronic hardware. Electronic Mechanics students gain skills that will help them to repair and troubleshoot different types of electronic devices.

The students are taught the basic aspects of electronic mechanics and they get expertise in both theoretical and practical knowledge. The students will specialize in all types of repair and maintenance procedures for different electronic machines. The students are trained in such a way that by the end of the Electronic Mechanic course, they become an electronic specialists for multiple devices such as mobile, batteries, transformers, transistors, etc.

Electronics mechanics have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Troubleshooting electrical or electronic equipment by testing components such as wires, resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and other electronic parts
  • Installing new equipment such as in-home security systems or telephone systems
  • Repairing or replacing damaged components, including soldering wires to terminals
  • Installing and repairing electrical wiring and components in vehicles such as boats, trucks, tractors, and trailers
  • Repairing or replacing damaged parts or equipment, including troubleshooting malfunctions or defects and replacing components such as circuit boards or power supplies
  • Repairing or replacing damaged computer hardware components such as motherboards, hard drives, or memory chips
  • Maintaining inventory of parts and supplies used in repair work
  • Installing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting electrical equipment and systems, such as medical equipment, lighting, or HVAC systems
  • Fabricating and repairing printed circuit boards (PCBs), using computerized equipment such as oscilloscopes and chemical etching machines

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