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Power Plant Mechanics

Power Plant Mechanics

This Power Plant Mechanics course is a Certificate program accredited by NITA.

  • Certificate
  • 5 terms
  • Mechanical Engineering

This Power Plant Mechanics Certificate program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to be professional powerplant maintenance technicians. Through the study of powerplant maintenance theory and practical application, the student will develop critical thinking and hands-on skills needed for success in the field of aircraft maintenance.

Power plant mechanics provide preventative and corrective maintenance and repairs on aviation ground support equipment and vehicles and diesel generators.

Power plant mechanics install, maintain, and repair mechanical equipment in power-generating stations. They maintain various types of power-generating equipment on land, ships, and submarines. 

Upon completing this Power Plant Mechanics certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Operate, install, repair, and perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on mechanical components of gas turbine engines, main propulsion machinery, assigned auxiliary equipment, and propulsion control systems
  • Perform organizational level maintenance on electronic automatic boiler controls systems, steam plant control systems (chameleon), boiler combustion monitoring systems, and boiler ignitor systems
  • Perform mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation functions necessary to install and prepare power station equipment for initial startup
  • Perform on-equipment repair and intermediate maintenance on Mobile Electric Power Plants (MEPP)
  • Troubleshoot and repair electric motors, generators, voltage regulator systems, over and under voltage systems, frequency control systems, fault indicator systems, and other control circuits
  • Perform electrical assessments, facilities maintenance, and quality control of electrical distribution systems and facilities
  • Analyze plant equipment and system operating characteristics to determine operational condition
  • Repair or overhaul power generating equipment and associated systems components
  • Determine and isolate complex malfunctions, utilizing diagnostic tests and troubleshooting techniques
  • Perform field or sustainment level maintenance on tactical utility, precise power generation sets, internal combustion engines, and associated equipment
  • Apply the laws and concepts of advanced mathematics, physics, thermal dynamics, rotational kinematics, kinetic energy, energy conservation, electrical/electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering to provide technical solutions to complex problems
  • Operate and perform organizational level maintenance on mechanical systems for surface ship nuclear propulsion plants and support equipment
  • Perform maintenance of hydraulic power plants and hydraulic system components, emergency diesel engines, compressed gas systems such as air, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sanitation systems, seawater systems, freshwater systems, oxygen generation equipment, and atmosphere control equipment
  • Inspect and assess material condition, monitor general readiness, provide on-board maintenance training, and diagnose improper operating procedures and equipment casualties/failures of marine main propulsion diesel engines, diesel generators, and component systems

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