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Dietetics Management

Dietetics Management

This Dietetics Management course is a Diploma program accredited by KNEC.

  • Diploma
  • 3 years
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition is defined as a science concerned with the role of food and nutrients in the maintenance of health. Dietitians and nutritionists advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. Dietitians and nutritionists work in many settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, cafeterias, and for state and local governments. Dietitians plan food programs, are responsible for buying foodstuffs, prepare food budgets, and supervise kitchen staff.

This Dietetics Management course is designed to provide the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes required in the dietetics profession. These attitudes are useful in providing nutrition related services to the community, food industries, feeding programmes, hospitals and to individuals. The alarming increase in lifestyle diseases has prompted the high demand for dietitians.

This Dietetics Management Diploma course tackles all aspects of proper diets, weight management, and health, among others. A dietitians could start a consultant firm or work in a health facility. The opportunities are unlimited.

Who is a registered dietitians and what do they do;

Dietitians are experts in nutrition. A dietitian’s job is to guide their patients toward healthy food choices in order to treat various health conditions and serious medical symptoms that may require hospitalization. Dietitians can treat a variety of conditions, including eating disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney failure, diabetes and allergies, among others.

A professional dietitian is someone who’s registered to a practice, employed by a private healthcare provider or running their own business. It’s an absolute must that any practicing dietitian registers with a professional body in order to conduct business legally.

They can also work in various industries, including education, media and public health relations.

Dietitians typically specialize in one of four different areas of practice. These include community, food service-management, clinical and research branches.

  • A community dietitian sets diet initiatives to contribute to the well being of an entire population.
  • Food service-management dietitians are responsible for overseeing that organizations follow food safety guidelines.
  • A clinical dietitian usually works with a hospital or practice and supervises long-term patients who are in need of constant care.
  • Research dietitians are found in educational settings, at organizations and at research hospitals. They’re part of teams that focus on learning more about food and how it affects people’s bodies.

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