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Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

This Marine Engineering course is a Diploma program accredited by KNEC.

  • Diploma
  • 3 years
  • Mechanical Engineering

This diploma in marine engineering will equip you with a firm understanding of the principles associated with marine engineering and engineering management practices.

Ships deliver nearly four-fifths the volume of the worldwide trade in goods, whether oil or other high-cost cargo. Marine Engineers are responsible for ensuring the smooth sailing of these ships as even the tiniest indication of a problem may have disastrous consequences, from suppliers missing deadlines to cargo not arriving on time and delaying contracts between companies.

Marine engineering jobs

Maritime Engineering is one of the lucrative careers in Kenya. The Marine Engineer is the second-highest paid after the captain. Their salary is dependent on qualification, experience, and location.

  • Marine Equipment specialist - Responsible for instrument and equipment installation and maintenance, design and development.
  • Ship Engineer - Also known as a Marine Engineer. They control ship plants and equipment.
  • Hydrographic Surveyors - They are also known as hydrographers. Their role is to use advanced technology to study seabed’s, waterways, and harbours to develop hydrographic models.
  • Ship design Engineer – These individuals study design proposals and specifications to establish the essential characteristics of a ship, such as its size, weight, and speed.
  • Marine Structural Engineer - Assists with marine structural inspections, including docks, piers, jetties, and breakwaters.
  • Marine Systems Engineer - They are responsible for the readiness, operation, and maintenance of propulsion and ancillary systems.
  • Marine Engineering lecturer - Lecturers at the university should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Marine Construction Inspector - Performs advanced technical engineering work, including issuing permits and inspecting marine construction projects.
  • Shipyard Project Engineer - Their role is to develop baselines and monitor and evaluate projects in line with costs and quality assurance.

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Colleges offering Marine Engineering Diploma

Public College Mombasa County Mvita Constituency
Bandari Maritime Academy

Bandari College is a public-funded college located in Mombasa town near the Kilindini seaport. Bandari College aims to deliver in-house port operations and cargo handling training to staff of... more

Public College Mombasa County Mvita Constituency
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP), formerly Mombasa Technical Training Institute (MTTI), is a public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution. KCNP was established in 1950 as... more