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Short Course
Footwear and Shoemaking

Footwear and Shoemaking

This Footwear and Shoemaking course is a Short Course program accredited by NITA.

  • Short Course
  • 3 months
  • Footwear Technology

Shoes have been used for millennia to protect the feet and more recently as an item of decoration or fashion. People always admire the footwear products in the finest fashion collection but have little knowledge of how they are made. This program provides such knowledge and skill in the making of shoes with leather.

The footwear and Shoemaking course is a three-month certificate program that provides students with a comprehensive overview of the footwear industry while developing the necessary skills that lead to successful product design. You will learn all the key elements required from concept through marketing in creating functional and fashionable shoes for contemporary consumers.

Upon completion of the certificate, students with design experience will have adapted their skill set to include a unique area of product design. Students without design experience will acquire an important foundation of the major components of shoe design, production, and marketing.

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