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Machine Knitter

Machine Knitter

This Machine Knitter course is a Certificate program accredited by NITA.

  • Certificate
  • 5 terms
  • Fashion and Textile

Weavers and knitters set up and operate hand and power-operated looms and machines to weave fiber into fabrics and carpets, or to knit (by machine or by hand) garments and other articles from yarn.

This Machine Knitter course will guide you through the basics of how machines work and help you get started by casting on, checking tension, and adding new yarns to a knitting machine. You will discover how to work gorgeous stitch patterns, ribbing, and even cables in your projects. You will learn how to troubleshoot common mistakes and get great pointers to help prevent them in the first place.

During this Machine Knitter program, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a knitting machine
  • Cast your machine on and off,  knit lace holes stripes, and ladders
  • Experiment with tensions
  • Change between different yarns
  • Blend and mix yarns together

A graduate of this NITA Machine Knitter course will be able to:

  • prepare machines for operation by setting input packages, feeding thread, fiber or yarn through guides, rollers, tensioners, and conditioning devices, and securing to output packages, spools or cards;
  • set controls to produce articles of specified size and pattern;
  • place fiber and yarn packages on the machine and draw them through appropriate guides and tensioners;
  • monitor machine operation to detect broken threads of yarn, the evenness of warp tension, and the quality of output;
  • remove completed garments and lengths of fabric from the machine;
  • clean and oil machine and report any mechanical faults;
  • hand knits garments and other items according to the pattern.

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Colleges offering Machine Knitter Certificate

Public College Nairobi County Makadara Constituency
NITA Textile Training Institute

NITA Textile Training Institute (N-TTI) is centre under the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) - a semi-autonomous Government agency established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act 2011 for... more