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Video Game Development (Rubika)

Video Game Development (Rubika)

This Video Game Development (Rubika) course is a Diploma program accredited by CDACC.

  • Diploma
  • 2 years
  • Animation and Multimedia

Learn the art and science of game development from the best in the World in our RUBIKA ADMI Campus. Rubika is now at ADMI.

Rubika, the top-ranked animation, game, and industrial design school is now at ADMI. The course will give you the practical skills you need to fill the growing global demand for skilled designers, programmers, artists, and producers in game development.

The curriculum has been developed by renowned industry professionals to equip you with the skills needed for the entire game development process from an idea to a fully working game deployed on a mobile device. In the process, you will learn video game history, genres in games, creation of game art, and coding.

Any team is as good as its weakest link; Thus the course is designed to gradually transition from working individually to working with a team as you learn to pick specialized roles within the team. This will equip you to be as proficient as an independent developer and a team player in a Game Development Studio. 

The course progresses from a Certificate to a Diploma to a Degree and each level has 3 Semesters (2 Semesters in-class blended teaching (4 months each) and 1 Semester internship (3 months)

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